Senior Exhibition

At university, I spent four years developing my skills as an artist.  At the end, I was required to put on a show.  This show had to be a cohesive body of work, done to a high standard.  Ideally, you spend three years at university learning and sharpening your skills.  You then use your fourth and final year to develop your senior exhibition.  My situation was not so neat and tidy.  In the end, I created my entire show in a month. 

Given the incredibly hectic and difficult year I had, my worked focused on finding peace.  I created the work intuitively.  I didn't want to think anymore, and so I didn't.  I focusd on the movement of the ink, the feel of the brush as it broke the surface tension in the pools of water.  I got lost in the flow of colours.  When the ink dried, I carefully cut the paintings out, tracing along the edges with an Xacto knife.  Some I collaged, some I left as they were.  All ended up being about 5 by 7 inches, and were mounted on 8 by 10 inch pieces of watercolour paper before being framed.

The twelve pieces below became the show.  Please click the images for full view.

Heading 1